Braces for 13 year old

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Alice Batiste asked 3 år ago

Hej! My son will turn 14 in August. He obviously needs braces, but his next dental appointment will be in September. When he had his last general check up last September, his dentist wanted to wait and see bit mentioned that he most likely will need braces.
So my question is, do we need to wait until September, after general check up, to start his braces treatment? Can we start now, as he has more time during the summer to start it and get used to it? 
I’m asking as we are from the USA and not familiar with the treatment plans here. If we start his treatment now, will he be eligible for free treatment still under swedish law?

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SMAJLA Ekonomi & IT Personal answered 3 år ago

The Swedish process for this is that you first have to go to your child’s general dentist who will possibly refer your child to an independent ”orthdondtic selection” specialist who will then possibly decide that your child is eligible for state funded orthodontic treatment. If you get such a decision you are then free to go to any orthodontic clinic. You will receive what is generally known a ”tandregleringscheck”, i.e. ”orthodontic treatment cheque”.
It is not possible to start a treatment before this decision without having to pay for the treatment privately, which is of course always a possibility.
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